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Episode 156

Episode 156 - Self Awareness is a Trait

On this episode, we talk about the pettiness of Elon Musk and his purchase and questionable changes on Twitter, MoeB gives us the update on his coaching adventures, and somehow, we get into a discussion about the future of the Republican Party. I know. Crazy, right?

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We talk about the world and our individual interpretations of it.

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Ruben Brown

Hobbies – Hanging with friends, watching tv, giving my opinion about stuff, having a good time
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Quautico Brown

Hobbies: Basketball, bowling and hanging out with my ladies (Wife and 2 daughters)
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Alton Riddick

Hobbies: audio engineering and a desire to learn archery. I love racing, NASCAR and Formula 1 in particular. I’m a Star Wars nerd, foodie, Cowboys fan, a Republican voting with my brain and not the party, a lover of physics and mechanical engineering, especially projectile motion problems, ODU women’s basketball. Love my Wife and all my family.